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Wide Monitor

I had problem with my 14″ flat panel, so I had to borrow a 17″ from a friend. It was quite urgent and fixing the broken would take time. He was very kind, to let me keep it this long.

Last week, I had to buy a monitor to be ready for the Mac mini arrival. I decided to go with a DELL 20″ and tried it on my PC. Boy, I got the native 1680×1050 resolution working on my, borrowed-forgotten-owned, GE Force FX 5500 256 MB video adapter. I am having good time with the wider real estate. I am already thinking when the mac mini arrives, I should get a 24″ for it and leave the 20″ for the PC. If you are in the thoughts of upgrading your display, do not settle anything lower than 20″.

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Unfair Windows Hate

I must say that I had never used (as in for development) Mac so far, though I am getting a mini soon. I hope it can live up to its hype that I get to hear on the #rubyonrails room. But then, why do they all hate windows so much? I never get to hear a proper reason. Perhaps it is cool to say Mac is great and Windows is not.

Anyway, windows had worked for me brilliantly; MS-Office automation on its own makes it all worth while. It is far more popular than any other OS is today. For some rare glitches, I think it is unfair for people to look down on windows users. I hope people realise the purpose of their tools to use it accordingly and stop making lame comments.


Friendly URI — Opposite

I am a fan of friendly URI but, seems like HSBC is quite an opposite of me.…

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