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Rails plugin restful_authentication a misnomer

It all started with a debate on #rubyonrails with ReinH about how less RESTful a session could be — mainly because it uses cookies. I suggested a resource such as:

or even this…

…could be RESTful. Which ReinH neither agreed nor denied as far as I remember and asked “how many actually do this?”. Fairly none and agreed that he was right. I must really be honest and admit that I only knew a little about REST while debating.

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Rails Patch: validates_format_of doc missing allow_blank

Added a doc patch to the rails trac today to add the missing doc for allow_blank option in the validates_format_of.

Nothing big, but I noticed people asking question about this in the #rubyonrails.

Looks like this option is missing in many other validation methods, someone or I should submit another patch fixing them all.


Rails Plugin: Google Charts On Rails

Google recently made the API for google charts public. It takes parameters using URL query strings and returns png image for the chart.

What we have here is a small wrapper plugin in rails for the google charts.

It is simple to use:


would create something like this:

a sample pie chart

For more usage, visit the Google charts on Rails project.

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Rails: customising URL Path for map.resources

A rails patch that would help in customising the URL generated from the mapped resources.

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