Project, Tasks & Time

Previously at work I used to do lots of Excel this, Excel that work. So I have a thing for Excel and I once built a time sheet for a friend of mine then. It was a simple and flexible task management excel sheet.Oh yea, a testimonial from the user:

Makes my life easy – It records times and dates automatically. Simple and stupid – Easy to use and Allows me to make changes to the auto recorded info. It helps me to fill in our weekly time sheet to say how much time I spent on a task

It is free to download Time log excel sheet & do whatever with it.

About Macros

I suggest you set Excel Macro settings to medium, so on opening the file, it would ask your permission to enable them.  The macro is in fact only there to help you with automatic time logging, add colours and install virus… am only joking.

Update: Download Time logger Excel Sheet from Github.

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