RGhost & Radiant CMS

If you are planning to use RGhost with the Radiant CMS. Do not extract RGhost in to the vendor/plugins. It certainly wont work. The best thing to do would be to make it available as an extension.

These steps may be useful in getting it working:

  1. sudo gem install rghost
  2. cd vendor/extensions
  3. gem unpack rghost
  4. mv rghost-0.7.4/ rghost
  5. cd rghost
  6. mv lib/* .
  7. rmdir lib
  8. mv rghost lib
  9. rm rghost.rb

Finally add the following to rghost_extension.rb

require 'document'
require 'data_grid/data_grid'
class RghostExtension < Radiant::Extension
  version "0.7.4"
  description "RGhost Extension"
  url "http://rubyforge.org/projects/rghost/"
  def activate
    RubyGhostConfig::GS[:path]=case PLATFORM
      when /darwin/: "/opt/local/bin/gs"
      when /linux|freebsd/: "/usr/bin/gs"
      when /mswin/: "C:\\gs\\bin\\gswin32\\gswin32c.exe"

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