AppleScript Tools and the GUI

Some applications do not expose API (Dictionary?) and you have no choice than to script-mimic the GUI events. AppleScipt on its own reminds me of COBOL (exaggerated) and scripting GUI is not proving to be easy either. The UIElementInspector, an easy to use app proves to be handly. It gives the full hierarchy of an UI element. You would really appreciate it when your code seems fine but is unable to find the menu item that looks like “Export Image…”, people expect it to be an ellipsis but no they are three periods.

AppleScript tools

Anyway, I am a beginner of AppleScript and I found these tools quite useful:

  • Editor: AppleScript Editor sucks, TextMate wins.
  • Dictionary: To view the exposed APIs appscript tools’ ASDictionary comes handy, which does a decent job of listing all the Objects and Methods in HTML can also show them in Ruby, Python, AppleScript and ObjectiveC terminologies.
  • Language Translator If you appreciated Ruby instead of AppleScript or Python or Objective C for that matter, using ASTranslator may help. Very handy when your google search returned snippets of AppleScript and you are scripting in Ruby.
  • GUI Elements: Of course the above mentioned UIElementInspector when you have no idea what is the hierarchy of a particular element.

Is there any other tool that I should know?

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